Saturday, August 26, 2006

St. Therese ...We're bloggin' now !

The Good Lord never ceases to amaze me. Two days ago I couldn't have told you what a blog looked like. Today I'm doing my second post. God bless Brother Benedict who gave me the idea to throw my hat (or our hats if you count St. Therese's) in the blog ring. I've been checking out what seems like hundreds of Catholic blogs and have had more than a few really good chuckles. I'm astounded at the creativity and commitment to the Catholic faith that's evident from all of the 'excitement' these blogs show. People seem to be having fun, sharing their faith, instructing and learning all at the same time. St. Therese...we're right where we are supposed to be.

Our website The Little Way had a big day. We had 3 orders...thanks to the bloggers I've emailed about our site, I'm sure. God bless all of you. St. Therese...please send these kind folks the consolation of your prayers.

It would be wonderful if you would post your experiences and relationship with our dear little saint on this blog. And if you know someone who is devoted to St. Therese or interested in carmelite spirituality, please invite them to this blog.

One thing you should know about me. I'm a fan of the late Herb Caen of the SF Chronicle and hopelessly addicted to three dot journalism... I'm afraid you'll have to put up with it if you want to read these posts...I've been trying for years to stop


A. Noël said...

Welcome to blogging! I am devoted to St. Therese and took her name at confirmation.

I pray your endeavors will be blessed.

Lynne said...

Excellent! I didn't know there was a name for the way I end many sentences...

Kathy said...

Hello fellow ... fan!

A few tips, since you asked: make sure you hotlink any mention to your bookstore, to increase the chances of people visiting it from your blog, using html. You did it in your first post but need to do it regularly. And put a similar link to the bookstore permanently on your right hand side bar, as high as you can.

You won't really get anywhere with press releases unless you have some really amazing, timely news. Even sending them out to diocesan papers, you're casting too wide a net.

On the other hand, if you attract lots of Carmelite admirers to this blog, they in turn will visit your bookstore's site.

To get a better Google position for, try altering your html TITLE tag from " - St. Therese" to something like "Catholic Carmelite books, holy cards: St Therese of Lisieux"

That way when people search google for combinations of those words in various combinations they are more likely to bring up your site. Google currently places great stock in TITLE tags. These changes can take a while to "work" but they will make a difference eventually.

My last suggestion would be to try to put up something on the blog every single day: a meditation from a Carmelite saint or excerpt from Story of a Soul, maybe tied to the liturgical year. In this way, you'll encourage people to visit regularly and grow your readership. Ask them to subscribe to your site's RSS feed or set up an email newsletter sign up. That's the best way to stay top of mind.