Tuesday, August 29, 2006

St. Therese's Last Photo 108 years ago

August 30, 1897...this photo of our dear little saint was taken 108 years ago. Quoting from Her Last Conversations...

"We placed her on a folding bed and rolled her out onto the cloister walk up to the choir door. We left her there alone for a good length of time. She was praying with her eyes facing the grille. Then she cast some rose petals towards it. We photographed her before bringing her in."

I'm having trouble translating the quote on the card. I speak some French but this one is beyond me. Can anyone help? +JMJT

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Anonymous said...

Dear Cynthia:

The words from St. Therese on this card mean (roughly): "Jesus wants us to share with him in the salvation of souls."