Thursday, November 16, 2006

St. Therese Speaks to Us - Confidence

"To a novice, who bitterly repented of a fault just committed, Soeur Therese said: 'Take your Crucifix and kiss it.' The novice kissed the feet. 'Is that how a child embraces her Father? Put your arms round His neck immediately and kiss His Face. ' She obeyed. 'That is not all, He must return your caresses.' And she had to hold the Crucifix to each cheek; then Therese said: 'That is well, now all is forgiven!" Excerpted from Counsels and Reminiscences

Oh little St. Therese, instill in our hearts a love of your little way. Help us to see that we can always ask your forgiveness.

A copy of this painting of St. Therese done by her sister Celine and other inspirational items about her can be purchased from our webstore The Little Way.

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