Monday, November 20, 2006

St. Therese Speaks to Us - Holy Communion

"The demon, traitor that he is, knows well, that he cannot make a soul who wills to belong wholly to the good God, commit sin; therefore he endeavours only to persuade her that she sins. That is a great deal gained, but it is not yet enough to satisfy his rage...he aims at something further, he wants to deprive Jesus of a loved tabernacle. Not being able himself to enter into this sanctuary he wishes that it may at least remain empty and without its Lord. Alas! what will become of this poor heart? ...When the devil has succeeded in driving away a soul from Holy Communion he has gained his ends, and Jesus weeps..." Excerpted from a letter to her cousin Marie Guerin

Oh little St. Therese, instill in our hearts a love of your little way. Help us to always seek to stay close to Jesus by receiving Holy Communion frequently.

This photograph of St. Therese at eight and other inspirational items about her can be purchased from our webstore The Little Way.

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