Tuesday, October 17, 2006

St. Therese Speaks to Us - Detachment

"One Sunday, Therese tells us, I went right joyously on my way towards the alley of chestnut trees; it was the spring-time, and I meant to enjoy the beauties of nature. O cruel disappointment! My dear chestnut trees had been pruned, and the branches, already loaded with verdant buds, lay strewn upon the ground! It was heartrending to view this destruction, and to think that three years must pass ere I could see it repaired...My distress however did not last. 'If I were in another monastery,' thought I, 'what difference would it make to me if the chestnut trees in the Carmel of Lisieux were cut down altogether? I will fret no more about transitory things; my Well-Beloved shall take the place of all else for me...I will wander ever in the groves of His love, which none may touch." Excerpted from Counsels and Reminiscenses

Oh little St. Therese, instill in our hearts a love of your little way. Help us to feel your love for us in every action we take.

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