Thursday, October 19, 2006

St. Therese Speaks to Us - Prayer

"One day after Holy Communion the good God made me understand those words of the Canticles: "Draw me: we will run after Thee to the odour of Thy ointments." O Jesus, it is not then necessary to say: In drawing me, draw the souls whom I love. These simple words: "Draw me" suffice! Yes, when a soul has allowed herself to be captivated by the inebriating fragrance of Thy perfumes, she could not run alone, all the souls whom she loves are drawn after her; this is a natural consequence of her attraction towards Thee." Excerpted from Story of a Soul.

Oh little St. Therese, instill in our hearts a love of your little way. Help us to ever keep your image in our sights ...guiding us always.

Story of A Soul and other inspirational items about her can be purchased from our webstore The Little Way.

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