Sunday, October 29, 2006

St. Therese Speaks to Us - Self Abandonment

"I had offered myself to the Child Jesus to be His little plaything. I had told Him not to use me like a costly toy which children are pleased to look at without daring to touch; but as He would a little ball of no value, that He might throw to the ground, toss about, pierce, leave in a corner, or else press to His Heart if so it pleased Him. In a word I wanted to amuse the little Jesus, and to give myself up to all his childlike fancies. Excerpted from Story of A Soul

Oh little St. Therese, instill in our hearts a love of your little way. Help us to remember to always approach Jesus as a little child.

This photo of St. Therese age 8 and other inspirational items about her can be purchased from our webstore The Little Way.

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